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Evidence-Based Yoga

Researching the Intersection
Between Yoga and Health

Classes for Yoga Teachers

Scientifically proven Yoga postures, series, and methods to help your students achieve optimum health

      Evidenced-based training allows you to make a huge impact in people's lives.

      Research shows that approximately 40-60% of Yoga students are actively seeking help with a specific medical condition.

      While general classes provide unquestioned benefits, the reality is that most of these students are centered around a handful of specific disease conditions.

      These conditions all have well researched, and scientifically proven Yoga techniques.

      By focusing some of your classes or private sessions on specific conditions, you can attract more students than you've ever imagined possible, and produce consistent results in their lives. Even if you're teaching full classes, imagine how that will make you feel.

      The center has a two pronged mission: first, we uncover the most effective, scientifically proven Yoga techniques; and...second...WE SHARE THEM!

      We spend our days pouring through boring academic journals, corresponding with the authors and their Yoga teachers, and endlessly cross referencing the information we you don't have to!

      As we uncover proven series and techniques, we add them to our existing class lineup. Currently, we offer the following classes:

Foundations I and II

Evidence-Based Yoga for Pregnancy
     and Sexual Health

Evidence-Based Yoga for Teens

Evidence-Based Yoga To Combat Aging

Note: Our Foundation-level classes are required before you can take any other classes from us, because they contain a great deal of information that lies at the core of evidence-based Yoga.



Foundations I and II
(1 day each, 2 days total)

      Our Foundation-level classes cover the important basics and most common disease states that Yoga has been proven effective for.

      These series provide a great jump start for classes and private sessions because:

  1. The conditions are among the most common,
    a lot of people need your help
  2. These people are open minded, they have often
    tried many things in an effort to get better
  3. They are also highly motivated and actively, even
    desperately, seeking anything that will help them

      All of this provides you with the opportunity to maximize your time by not having to spend it finding and selling them on your classes. With a small amount of promotion (just follow our tips) they find you! You'll spend your time helping more of them get better.


Foundations I includes:

Introduction to evidence-based research

Instruction on evidence-based Yoga

Research proven back pain series and techniques

Research proven depression series and techniques

How to market evidence-based Yoga easily
      and effectively

Foundations II includes:

Research proven arthritis series and techniques

Research proven asthma series and techniques

Other research proven series and techniques for
      various types of chronic pain

Research proven flexibility series and techniques

      The series provided in Foundations are the most all encompassing. They produce effects for the widest diversity of students for each condition. You will leave being able to attract and make a substantial impact in these students' lives.

      We recommend taking our Foundation-level classes over a single weekend if possible. However, we recognize that as a Yoga teacher you have flexible scheduling needs so we've divided the Foundations level into two one-day classes that can be taken separately if needed.



Evidence-Based Yoga for Pregnancy and Sexual Health
(1 day)

     Reproductive health is a highly sensitive and common concern. In this class you'll learn our core prenatal series, which is shown to lead to higher birth weight, reduced pre-term labor, and less pregnancy-induced hypertension. The series involves three different types of breathing, and incorporates changes for each trimester. The larger picture of prenatal Yoga and women’s processes will be discussed, and you will be guided in how to incorporate these techniques with any existing prenatal training you currently provide.

     You'll also learn our premature ejaculation series, which is shown to provide significant improvement over 8 weeks. This Yoga series is so effective that its results exceeded those of a leading prescription medication.


Pregnancy/Sexual Health includes:

Intensive background information on pre- and post-
      natal Yoga research, prostate health, and premature

Research proven prenatal series and techniques

Research proven premature ejaculation series and

How to reach and interact comfortably with these

     In addition to the series and techniques involved, you'll gain valuable knowledge and background information about these health conditions.

     We will also cover the sensitivity of addressing these vastly different conditions. You will leave prepared to support women to give birth in a healthier and more vital way, including baby health. And you will leave trained to support men in taking steps to a more fulfilling sexual lifestyle through our proven Yoga series.


Evidence-Based Yoga for Teens
(1 day)

     Teens are dealing with different body-responses to stress and life than adults. In this class, you'll learn evidence-based sequences and techniques that have been proven to work specifically with teens. These sequences are great for bringing into schools, and for private sessions.

     The course begins by building on the your knowledge of our core asthma series and techniques (learned in your Foundation-level classes) with specific, evidence-based adaptations for teens.

     You'll also be given an update on the latest research into cognitive and focus effects and Yoga, as well as ADHD, and learn a highly effective series that has been proven to increase cognitive factors and focus in young people. Finally, you'll learn a surprisingly effective and very easy series that has proven tremendously effective for young people suffering from IBS.

Evidence-Based Yoga for Teens includes:

Introduction to the evidence-based research on Yoga
      and teens

Research proven asthma (age specific) series and

Research proven cognitive/focus (age specific) series
      and techniques

Research proven irritable bowel syndrome (age
      specific) series and techniques

     This is a great way to empower young people by introducing them to powerful healing tools and opening the door to a life of Yoga practice for them. The series and techniques you learn will enable you to help set teens up for a healthy and more effective future, and impact the world by taking much needed healing to the youth in your community.


Evidence-Based Yoga To Combat Aging
(2 days)

     As our baby boomer generation grows older, tens of millions of people are looking for solutions to body changes that happen after age 50. This two-day intensive looks into the whole picture of the aging person, and offers research-proven Yoga series and techniques that alleviate or eliminate related conditions.

      The class builds on the arthritis and flexibility series you learned in our Fundamental-level classes and adapts them in advanced, research proven ways for this special needs population. These are two areas of well proven effectiveness for specific Yoga series and techniques, and you'll learn our latest series which are adapted from that research.

      The class also includes evidence-based series to strengthen mental focus and cognitive clarity, two problems that are frequently mentioned by baby-boomers as they age.

      You'll learn our menopause series, which research has associated with significant reductions in hot flashes and similar symptoms, and considerable increases in quality of life.

      Finally, we'll help you navigate the highly conflicting cardiovascular research on Yoga, and provide a proven series and techniques to enhance your students well being and reduce their chances of succumbing to this leading cause of death.


Evidence-Based Yoga for Aging includes:

Introduction to the psychology and science of aging

Overview of the evidence-based Yoga research on

Research proven arthritis (age specific)
      series and techniques

Research proven flexibility (age specific)
      series and techniques

Research proven cognitive/focus (age specific) series
      and techniques

Research proven menopause series and techniques

Research proven cardiovascular series and techniques

     In Western culture, aging is often met with resistance and uncertainty. In addition to their specific physiological benefits, many of these series and techniques have been shown to help people feel more resilient, happy, and basically more functional as their bodies change. The information you learn in this class will allow you to make to make an immense impact on this large and rapidly growing population.